What is a data entry operator salary in India

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Most people or clients from outside India, namely United States of America, United Kingdom or Great Britain and Australia outsource data entry projects to India so that they can save on cost.

Naturally a data entry operator wouldn’t earn well in India. They are many caveats that are involved in determining the salary of a data entry operator in India. The salary normally depends on Age, Experience, Qualification, Typing speed and Accuracy and knowledge in diverse fields.

A fresher in the Data Entry domain can garner anywhere between 7k to 12K. Depending on the size and revenue of the company he/she joins.

It also depends on the city you are working in, e.g. a data entry operator in Delhi will earn more that a data entry operator in Chennai. Just because the labor cost in Chennai is lesser than Delhi. Each state has a minimum wage criteria in India and businessmen will pay you according to that.

You can check out a pictorial representation of the salary structure and standard of a data entry operator.


National Salary Data  Rs 0 Rs 90K Rs 180K Rs 270K
Salary Rs 78,797 – Rs 241,892        
Bonus Rs 1,014 – Rs 30,000  
Profit Sharing Rs 0.00 – Rs 195,743  
Total Pay  Rs 79,454 – Rs 269,500  
Country: India | Currency: INR | Updated: 4 May 2017 | Individuals Reporting: 845


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Common aspects included under divorce laws

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During the divorce there are a series of laws that may be applicable for trials and negotiations. These laws cover anything right from child custody, possession of belongings, child and spousal support etc. when you visit a reputable divorce law firm in San Antonio the divorce attorney helps you know about what all is covered under divorce laws. An expert attorney who belongs to reputable divorce law firm in San Antonio can help you fight your case keeping in mind the importance of divorce law.

Child Support and protection

Under the wide series of aspects included under divorce laws, the most common aspect is about material belongings and child support. There are certain agreements that secure the assets gained before marriage known as prenuptial agreements. In case the prenuptial agreement is signed, it simply means that the assets that belongs to either parties gained before marriage remains with the party who is the really owner of the belongings.

Child custody

In legal proceedings where children are involved, child support and child custody comes into picture quickly. The trial of custody hearings is a separate process altogether. But, the matter of child support comes into picture in initial proceedings of divorce. As you know it is quite expensive to raise a child and it is certainly not an easy affair for a single parent to take care of the child. Payments for child support are required to ensure the security of the child and to provide the child a stable and quality life post divorce.

Spousal support

In case of spousal support one spouse is asked to help the other to lead a good life. A judge may ask the husband to support his wife and in some other cases if the wife is employed and well to do, she may need to support her ex-husband.

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